Obagi® ELASTIderm Treatments – Vancouver
Dr. Adrian Lee

Dr. Adrian Lee offers a wide range of topical solutions and quality skin care products for his Vancouver plastic surgery patients seeking to maintain their beauty as they age. Obagi® ELASTIderm is an advanced topical treatment formulated to improve and lift the skin around the eyes, and it’s now available at Dr. Lee’s cosmetic surgery practice. Please read on to learn more about Obagi® ELASTIderm.

Obagi® ELASTIderm is specifically designed to lift the area around the eyes, improve skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production. The topical solution, which is applied daily, is comprised of a bi-mineral complex of copper and zinc to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. The malonic acid helps stimulate production of skin cells and blueberry extract diminishes free radicals. This unique formula of ingredients is combined with penetrating therapeutics to help the ingredients reach deep into the skin for maximum results.

Obagi® ELASTIderm comes in two formulas: a cream formula with a smooth and rich consistency, and a gel formula, which is more fluid-like and cooling to the skin.

Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment

Dr. Lee, a leading Vancouver Obagi provider, encourages all patients who wish to maintain their youthfulness to try this product. Obagi® ELASTIderm can only be obtained at a doctor’s office. To learn more about the product, please contact Dr. Lee’s office at (604) 582-2762.

Dr. Adrian Lee also offers additional Obagi products, including Obagi® Nu-Derm, Obagi® CLENZIderm and Obagi® ZO Skin Health (ZO Skin Health by Dr. Obagi). In addition, he provides Obagi Professional-C Serums, the most stable and powerful antioxidant serum.